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    Beat My Screenshot

    Just to get Started
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    Beat My Screenshot

    Share Your Screenshots Let's See Who Wins It doesn't matter if it is your score ss , funny scene , bugs or funny chats just post it and the winner with most likes (reactions ) wins Monthly winners will receive 10 points
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    Please unban

    Read this and provide us all necessary info
  4. FREE VIP ON [RGC] FUN PUB ! IP : mini.rectergaming.com Free VIP for Top50 players from Gametracker and Top15 Players from Server [ Steamers Only ] will be activated automatically on 1st Oct valid till 31st Oct. VIP Privileges : -VIP Gun Menu -Double Jump -No fall damage -Reserved Slot No action is required from your side. Good Luck ! Have Fun !
  5. Arena Of Valor [AOV] Arena of Valor (Chinese: 傳說對決; pinyin: Chuánshuō Duìjué), formerly Realm of Valor then Strike of Kings, is an international adaptation of Wangzhe Rongyao (Chinese: 王者荣耀, variably known in English unofficial translations as King of Glory, Kings of Glory, Honor of King, or Honour of King), a multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Tencent Games for the iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, for markets outside mainland China. Arena of Valor (formerly Strike of Kings) is an international adaptation of Wangzhe Rongyao for markets outside mainland China. In 2015, Tencent approached Riot Games and asked them to turn their popular game League of Legends into a mobile title. However, Riot declined and claimed that League of Legends gameplay could not be replicated on smartphones. Tencent then preceded to create their own mobile game, Wangzhe Rongyao, roughly translated to English as Honor of Kings. Arena of Valor is developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games with the same engine and design as Wangzhe Rongyao, but the in-game characters have been swapped from characters inspired by Chinese folklore and mythology, to characters inspired by European folklore and taken from the DC Universe. The soundtrack for international version of the game is composed by American music artist Matthew Carl Earl, proving a different atmosphere compare to the original score with Chinese music instruments. Arena of Valor was first launched in Taiwan in October 14, 2016, following a two-week closed beta testing period. In October 2017, Arena of Valor was launched in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia where majority of the gaming community are playing mobile games. Garena decided to combined these three countries in one server. The game was released in some European app stores in August 2017, and was released in North and South American mobile app stores on December 19, 2017.
  6. REGISTRATION FOR THUNDER LEAGUE CLASS III HAS BEEN STARTED Are you/your team powerful enough to face this thunder strike? Register now ! Games : CS1.6, CSGO, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Standoff2 and Arena of Valor. EVENT TYPE : 1) SOLO 2) TEAM REGISTRATION LINK : https://rectergaming.com/tournaments/thunder-league-class-iii REGISTRATION PERIOD 9 SEPT 2018 - 13 SEPT 2018 TOURNAMENT START DATE 15 SEPT 2018 PRIZES : e-Certificate : Will be available to top10 player from each game. Special Gifts : It includes Steam Credit, Google Play credit, Netflix Account, Spotify Account, Steam Games, Uplay Account and more.. (for winners only) NEED TO CONTACT US? https://rectergaming.com/contact/ https://forum.rectergaming.com
  7. Registration for Thunder League is starting on 27 Aug 2k18 Click here to register or visit : https://rectergaming.com/tournaments/thunder-league/
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    appoint some sensible admins

    Unbanned ! Sorry for inconvenience caused.
  10. Taking place regularly throughout the year, Steam Sales offer some of the year’s absolute best PC gaming deals. 2018 means an entire year of new seasonal sales that will likely crop up in the Spring, Summer and just in time for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas. While Valve rarely releases details of its Steam Sales in advance, the internet is pretty handy at digging up details of upcoming sales – and we’ve got a big leak pertaining to the Summer Sale ahead of its commencement. The last steam sales was on 21 June [ Summer Sale ]. And the next steam sales i.e Steam Halloween sales is expected to be on 29 October this year. So start your savings now :)
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    Unban me

    Thats not your IP , Visit this to get your IP Address : https://www.google.co.in/search?q=my+ip+address Or click here
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    application for free vip

    You have to introduce yourself here -_-
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    Introduction of the thug

    Rejected Soon will be moved to Trash Edit asap and introduce yourself , dont ask for vip here Properly introduce yourself then only your vip application will be approved Both post will be moved to trash in 3 days.
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    Wrong section ! You have to introduce yourself here then go back to free vip section and post there this details. Read instructions again !