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  1. THUNDER LEAGUE 2020 Registration for thunder league has started. Registration is completely free. Games : Arena of Valor. EVENT TYPE : 1) TEAM ( Tourney Mode ) REGISTRATION LINK : https://rectergaming.com/thunder-league REGISTRATION PERIOD 27 May - 06 June TOURNAMENT START DATE 13 June 2020 (Match schedule will updated on website 3 day before the start of event) TOURNAMENT END DATE 21st June PRIZES : Total Prizepool : 11500 Vouchers. Winners : 7500 vouchers (1500/player) Runner-up : 4000 vouchers (800/player) e-Certificate : Will be given to top5 player and teams from each game. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1] Entry for the Tournament is Free and is available only to the First 32 Teams. All matches will be played in the Tourney Mode ((Ban/Pick mode) & this tournament is only for players playing in the Indian server. 2] One of the event admin will contact the team captain on discord to arrange the match as per the schedule. 3] Event schedule will be updated on website 3 days before the start of event (i.e on 10th June). You will also receive email about the same. 4] While joining the match please ensure that players’IGN and Player ID is same as the one provided in the registration form. 5] It is the responsibility of team leader to contact event admin 15 min before the start of event. 6] Post on forum if you need help. ( https://forum.rectergaming.com ) 7] Further instructions will sent by email after the end of registrations. You can contact us on forum if you need any help. Reply below if you need any help.
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