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  1. Clash of clan tournaments Clash of clans tournament (Sorry it so long) Basic idea and principals. The basics of my plan are to have a simple 7 tier bracketed tournament capable of having 128 players per tournament. To enter a tournament a player must register themselves into a specific tournament geared not the # of trophies but to TH level and level of troops. In order to enter you must pay a royalty such as 100K elixer and coins. This will help eliminate a level 100 going up against a rank 20. Once a tournament as started players are matched up against other members of their tournament based off of the traditional trophies and what not, much like sports so that you will hopefully have the #1 player in the tournament playing the #2 in the end. · Players have one day to battle their opponent they are matched up against as many times as they can. · If you win a raid on your opponents base your get one point. If you lose your opponent gets one point. · If you win the battle against that opponent then you get what that opponent had paid to get into the tournament and half of the value of the troops and spells they used during the day. · Once you lose there is no constellation bracket but u are still in the tournament for a chance to watch other battles take place. · The winner from there moves up to the next rank where if they win that day they get 50% of their opponents total winnings (100K and 50% of troop costs), this continues to the final round where the winner may receive a very large bonus for winning that tournament. · From that point all the champions have a chance to enter the championship tournaments where rewards are even wealthier. · The champions tournaments are still based more or less off of level of troops and TH · Champion brackets then continue for the next few days until the final bracket where the last remaining 128 players of any Troop level or TH rank so they can fight it out to e the top clan in all the land. Perks · Replays of all battles in your current tournament are available so you can get a goo idea on attack and defense strategies. · Final championship battle day replays are available for everyone to watch. · Almost all players can get involved regardless of clan or level. If you had a start of 200 tournaments going on that would account for 25600 ppl being able to participate and this number would only increase as more tournaments were introduced. · Due to the sheer size of the ppl on clash of clans there would more than likely be over 100,000 tournament going on so the tournaments could only be a monthly event that would take the course of 3 weeks and would include roughly 2 million players. · More people would play · More people would have resources, · Everyone would have a better battle strategy · Creates friendly competition between players and clans · Have battles be based off of how fast you can deplete your opponents resources while still winning the match · Make first round against goblins or computer · Give both layers the same base to attack or create beginning brackets based on base rating by a classification of defenses. · Possible winning of a match by how much percent destroyed you have over the course of a day · Could be incorporated into clan wars of smaller brackets where all clans pool together money and some troops to create their own clan base that would be controlled by the leader and elders can make suggestions. All other members can only look at the base and make suggestions through group clan chat.
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