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  1. 1. Organization: English language should be used only, In case you have not mastered English, we recommend you to contact one of staff team and they will help you ( note that any thread topics or replies written in a language other than English may be removed without notice). All the forums are categorized by topics so your post must be in the right section, You can check the section and old threads to be sure you are on the right section, (the topic placed on the wrong section will be moved to the right one , if user continue with posting topics on the wrong sections after he get remark from STAFF team he will receive a warning) When you post a guide or something you've copied from another author, you must post source on the end, ( all post with no source are considered your proprieties if we found that it's copied from another reference post will be deleted and you will get a warning) Before posting a topic please use search feature first to see if there are already some threads on the subject you are about to post, there is a pretty good chance to get this ( We figured this was necessary because a lot of people come in and post threads without thinking, and without realizing that they can find someone else with same problem) When you post something please be descriptive on topic name! Give a short summary of your problem . ( don't use stupid topic name "Hello, I have a question, help me please, yooo, ... ") Please note that moderator have the right to change or delete a message you posted, please don't complain about that. 2. General behavior No spamming, all members who post forum spam will have their posts removed. If a post that is otherwise appropriate includes links considered to be spam, those links will be removed and player will be warned/banned. No advertisements, or referral links to other services Do not use obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or excessively violent language. Do not , insult, taunt, provoke, demean, or personally attack other forum members. Be friendly even if others are not. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behavior will be followed by warn/ban . You have every right to disagree with your community members and explain your perspective. It is strictly prohibited to publish any private information about member/STAFF. No illegal media, pornography, gore or links to them, Posts containing those media/links will be deleted and user will be warned/banned. No encouragements to break the rules. 3. Attention: Strongly forbidden to make multiple accounts, there is no reason why you should have more than one account, if you get banned from forum and open new account this one will be banned too same as your IP, also do not complain about other users being banned, in the forums or on profile pages of other users. Do not bump old (1+ month) threads. This due to avoiding spam on forums, when a thread has died out and no longer receives attention do not bump it. Giving an old thread a new post so that it comes up in the "new posts feed" you need to have a good reason. Please report the thread/post which has broken a rule to the moderators or administrators. It is strictly forbidden to use offensive nicks against other users.
  2. Prefer the format given below to start a new topic in this section. Format In-Game Name : Real Name : Age : Where do you live? : Which game do you play the most? : How long you've been playing games? : Tell us your hobbies : What do you think of Recter Gaming? : Tell us more about yourself :