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Hi Guys,this thread is related to VOTE CYCLE because @Rohel S.Admin missuses his powers in a unique way HEADS OFF.

THE WHOLE SITUATION= i enter server after 5 min ask Rohel to change map he refused & ABUSES me then i also ABUSES him. He slayed me for this.
link of SS= 
Then at last he changed map to mini dust 2x2...... in this map after some time he got killed 5-7 times then he asked for map one answerd then he vote for 1000 2 times but failed..... NOW his unique technique is that he didnt ask but start a voting between 2 maps HEADS OFF MAN GG.
This can be very good method as players didnt choose none option but choose any of the maps WAHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats how this thread is related to VOTE CYCLE plzzz add this cycle and talk to this admin.

Ok will PM hi, for this deed! And again sorry! If he does this again post demo for this as a dam proof for this! and we will remove his Map change or vote powers!

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