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VIP/Admin Rules

VIP/Admin Rules!
(Every VIP/Admin must follow this rules.)

General rules:
1. Do not use restricted measures (cheats).
2. Do not swear and
insult other players.
Respect server admins and vips.
Report players to admins who do not follow the rules
5. If you see any bugs in the server, report them to the administration.
6. Do not shout, prevent music through the microphone.
7. Do not advertise other servers, projects.
8. Player nicknames (nick) must be not less than 2 characters, also do not use obscene words.

Admins rules:
1. Comply with the general rules.
2. Before banning player make sure it‘s worth it
3. Do not change the map before the end of 15 minutes from the beginning.
4. Do not change the maps in its sole discretion, it is necessary to make the vote such as: (amx_votemap de_dust2 de_inferno cs_assault).
5. Do not change the map at the request of any player, if requested by a majority vote to do.
6. Do not do nonsense vote like: (amx_vote or_a_good_weather_today? Yes No).
7. Do not abuse admin chat and do not swear in it.
8. Do not advertise other servers, projects.

VIPs rules:
1. Comply with the general rules.
2. Do not slay/slap or kick anyone for fun

3. Don't slap anyone more than 5 times, if they are not following any rules you can slay them 
4. Do not abuse admin chat and do not swear in it.
5. Do not advertise other servers, projects.

* We reserve the right to modify, expand Rules.
* Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.
* Failure to comply with the rules without any notice may be deprived of the privilege, and player will be banned from the server.
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