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RGC Server Rules

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RGC Server Rules [CS1.6 & CSGO]

1] No hacking, Cheating or using any kind of script.

2] Exploiting defects or errors in the map in anyway will get you permanent banned.

3] Grenade Spamming by flooding an area with grenades (includes all types of grenades such as smoke or flash grenades).

4] Racism is strictly disallowed in our servers such racist names, insulting someone's religion or countries.

5] No IP or website spam or encouraging any other players to do so.

6] No advertising any other community or anything.

7] Using pornographic spray is not allowed.

8] Behave in respectful banner with every players.

9] Rapidly changing nick is not allowed.

10] Using /retry after dying is not allowed.

11] Excessive camping and not doing objectives or being AFK is not allowed.

12] Respect admins and if they ask for demo then post demo as soon as possible or you may get banned in future.

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