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Reporting bugs, glitches and other issues

Explain everything how, when, what and why are you facing that issue. Follow the format to report bugs, glitches and any other issues. You can skip few things but try to provide as much details as possible.


Your Name : [Enter your In Game Nick (IGN) and not your actual name ]

Server Name : [Name of the server]

What are the issues : [ Example : "Extreme lag" ]

When you are facing this issue :  [ Example : "When someone uses smoke grenade" ]

How is that affecting you : [ Example : "Can't play due to Extreme lag"]

Since when you are Facing this issue : [ Example : "Since last sunday" ]

Why do you think you are facing this issue : [ Example : "I don't know, maybe coz i am cute :P" ]

Link of your demo : [ Upload your demo to Google drive, Zippyshare, One drive and share us the link ]

Explain the situation : [ Just explain ]

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